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    Question Hiram Gear Synthsis Question

    Should I only level up gear that has good stats at unwrap or is it okay to keep leveling a piece of Hiram gear that I have been rerolling stats on? If I keep rerolling am I missing out on stat gain or what?

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    When you upgrade Hiram gear to then next level you have the option to change the stats. The change is RNG, so it can work to upgrade what you want, or not.

    Best way is trying to upgrade to the stats you need, but for example you never get the stats. Then wait until another second gear with good stats drop. Then switch it to the better gear with better stats and use the old one/ already upgraded one to continue upgrading the better year. Just do not change the stats anymore.

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    Keep in mind, as mentioned in this article, Serendipity Stones will be able to reroll those stats in the next update!

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    @ Muzzy: Do the stats of Hiram Gear completely reroll automatically as soon as you upgrade it to T2 or do they stay as you had it as T1 ?

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    I'd like to know that as well, because if it does there no point in trying to roll for stats on the first tier.

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    No they stay the same from T1 to t2.

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