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Don't forget that many zones will have absolutely no chance at getting the bonus payment. Packs created in areas like White Arden and Ahnimar (including larders) start at 0% bonus and only have an opportunity to devalue if not delivered fast enough. It's odd because those packs have to be carried farther but get no bonus for timeliness. My question is why would anyone make White Arden packs moving forward if the only way the value of your pack can move is down.
This is a decent point, however, those packs can't dip as low in value as other packs and take longer to dip. Also, I think they are worth more at a base level. It's potentially for different styles of pack making/running. For example, if you want to, you can stage a BUNCH of packs in the far away zones (Preserved), and move them all at once, taking your time, and waiting for the right time without having to worry about a large level of loss. It seems as though most people wouldn't do this, but I believe that to be the intent.Attachment 20788
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