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Thread: Diamond shores Trade NPC moved (by players?)

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    Exclamation Diamond shores Trade NPC moved (by players?)

    I dont know, but there are no trade npc's at the Diamond shores trade outlet anymore.
    No idea if this is intentional, else bored players might have moved, as they moved one of the guild packs npc (for quest) as well.

    If players did this, its really annoying and childish. and people should be banned for this.
    Server = Shatigon

    Can you please fix this asap Trion? and track down the players who did it? if it was moved.

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    What level is the DS base? Only bases at level 3 get the trader npc

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    If the base defense fails the trader will be gone until it's rebuilt. Good news though, the ds base is broken and eventually will just build even if your faction can't succeed in time.
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