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Thread: Hiram drop rate nerf after maintenance?

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    Hiram drop rate nerf after maintenance?

    Before the July 11 maintenance, I was getting good amount of Hiram drops, we'll just say one drop per minute. But since the maintenance, I haven't gotten any to drop. I have been farming in Golden Ruins at war with @ 50% drop rate buffs going. I have also tried in Calmlands, same thing.
    What gives?

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    I was hitting 80 per hour after patch. It's just rng.

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    The double drop event has reminded me of just how weird RNG is (in this game or in general?).

    I am always checking after 1 hour how many drops I got.
    Always under the same conditions: Same class, same skills, same behavior, same loot pots, same activity, same amount of time.
    I always have either 95-105 drops OR 50-60 drops per hour. Every single hour it is either one of those two sets and I simply cant wrap my head around it.
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    I am now farming for a long time Hiram around 7 hours per day and each day... also befor the double Drop event and during the Event.
    I do not count piece in Hours, I just count how many per day I get. And as soon as the Double Drop event startet I also got some decent amount of Pieces..
    And yeah after the maintenance I instantly realised that the Drop Rate got ninja nerfed somehow.

    A guy like me that grindes many hours per day and even figure out that the mobs at some spots even gets bugged as soon as you kill them to fast, should atleast feel the differents.

    RNG here and there... the differents after the maintenance or even 2 days befor it is huge and you can clearly see.

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    They need to make X2 rate a weekly thing. Like on weekends, or every other weekend.

    The drop rate is still ridiculous. Sure its fine for the guy who already has a 10k+ GS, they can just mass chain. But for the sub 4k person it can be a pain in the ♥♥♥.

    Let me remind everyone that it cost 140 Labor for 200 exp., plus 3g. Why does it even have a low drop rate? It has to waste my time as well as my labor and gold? Why.

    It should be as common as a normal crate not as rare as a silver crate.
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