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Thread: Ultimate Carebear Title and Stage 3 Seals

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    Smile Ultimate Carebear Title and Stage 3 Seals

    Hey guys, I always liked collecting titles, when the seal system came in, I already had stage 2 even tho I was a reckoning fresh start character, so with the time I continued on decorating my house, getting more titles and completing achievements.
    Recently I found this Safety First achievement that requires you to redeem a thousand captain's protection and I thought how funny would it be to level my stage up with it, and since it gives the title Peacemaker, that really fits me because I'm really friendly to everyone and drama-free, people already call me that in a way and Social Butterfly as well so I decided to get it.
    When I got yesterday the title Needs a Family, that I never did before cuz I've never crafted a Farmer's Workstation, it put me to 98.80% and I knew Peacemaker would get me to exactly 100%.
    So I bought 5k gold in captain's protection and redeemed them and glided away and did it again a thousand times, took me about 9 hours, here's a few screenshots and a video showing all the seals.

    Tell me what's your favorite Seal, mine is the Ynystere Rose ^_^

    Seals at 4:00 : https://youtu.be/FWoEbMKnozM
    (Elevator Music Warning)
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