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Thread: TRION Labor pots for credits please ...

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    TRION Labor pots for credits please ...

    With Hiram gear consuming enormous amounts of labor and the cost of them on AH excessive. Only other option is to buy with your precious Loyalty which is a nono. I'm finding (at least on FS) I have no labor to spare for my farming/crafting etc., in spite of having Yata bed and set of pyjamas I am always labor starved now. I spent about 5k gold on leveling to 55 buying labor pots on AH at up to 200g each.
    TRION please give us other options to access labor pots for credits or even gilda stars. It's tough on Fresh Start without this added problem don't you think?

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    That way p2w get even more advantage... Sorry fake me, no

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    So you want to swipe to get labor to make gold. There is legit no reason to have gold if you're going hiram other than costs to synthesis it. You need very little unless you're going for a galleon which is a waste of time itself.
    Maybe just swipe for gold directly?

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    I use all my labor to uncloak hiram. When I'll finally be "hiram" equipped I'll start farming. Dont open the purses or chests that you drop, lol.

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