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Thread: Viability of Shaman/Druid

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    Viability of Shaman/Druid

    What's the viability of a Shaman and Druid for mainly solo/questing/occasional grouping/generally helping other lowbies in the area? I'm leveling up a Firran to use as a Shaman, and planning to roll an Elf as a Druid. What weapons/armor should I be using? Currently using leather armor and a staff on my shaman as she is only lvl 11 right now. Or is there a "better" class/build I should be using? I don't care about being the best dps or healer in a raid/pvp setting, I just want to have fun and explore, if that helps. Thanks

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    Shaman is for witchcraft whitch means, PvP CC as Heal.

    Druid is more for DPS besides your Heal specc.

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