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Thread: Blade dancer

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    Blade dancer

    Please for Blade dancer build .... dual w.

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    Gearscore and purpose? (Farm, Raid/Siege PVP, Open world PVP, etc)

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    Gearscore 10k, PVP, 1v1

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    This is what I'm running now. I make no claim it is the best, everyone will have their own take on it.

    I'm on a free farm server and would change some of the song around if I had to PVP more often with a raid, or 1v1. I'd drop Healing Hymn for Dissonance, and hold the note for lingering, which would give you lots of debuff for both raid and 1v1. I've seen some people running the 2sec runspeed in song. For me, 2 sec.. not worth with my lag, it's not gonna help me. If you don't wanna debuff you can make room for stuff like that. I want to debuff, because I've run against unkillable characters, and debuff is the only way sometimes.

    I'm testing Sunder because trip+bleed=wtf Sunder.
    However you better have someone locked down before you try it, due to cast time. You might be able to trade something out for dropback to get the insta-sunder.
    I'm considering dropping it now, but play around with it.

    Run quake triple slash, does mondo dmg if you have good attack speed.

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