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Thread: Change APEX system, Bound now!

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    Change APEX system, Bound now!

    I would like to make a suggestion as to the APEX consumption system.
    it is a general wisdom that many players buy APEX to re-sell soon after for a higher price, this practice ends up changing the entire market within the game and causing the economy to be shaken critically.

    My suggestion is to change the APEX purchase system in-game. many people buy APEX to resell it in the game, this is normal but those who buy the APEX in Action House should be for consumption and not for resale, the suggestion would be that:
    when someone puts for APEX the sale and a 3rd person buy it, let it come (bound) to you, it will not be possible to resell for the infamous ones (goldsellers) spoil the game.
    some better suggestion, I'm listening!!!

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    Agreed completely. If you buy an Apex off the AH it should be bound just like the Mannequins. The only other alternate would be to tax Apex more, but that would be slightly unfair to those who are selling it after purchasing them from Trion.

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    Why would you want them bound? If someone buys APEX and then decides not to use them they should be able to sell them on the AH.
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    who doing it is called gold sellers

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    hmmm honestly this is a good idea.. since most of all apex sellers sells them at AH

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    From another thread, some brainstorming on the subject.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamepro03 View Post
    We talked about this topic over on Muzzy's discord today, but here's some of the stuff I was saying...

    Proposition: Apex needs to be bound after purchase, just like the Auction Mannequin.

    The reasoning stems from the fact that real money should not influence in-game economy. Someone shouldn't be able to dump thousands of dollars in order to completely change the economy of virtual currency, to which all assets belong to Trion and not the players anyways. The in-game economy and stock of items based on supply and demand should only occur for items that are actually created in-game, however APEX is not created in-game, it's created with real money.

    Currently, APEX is bought for two reasons.
    1. Getting credits
    2. Holding onto until it's more expensive to re-sell

    Since APEX is being used as a stock, demand is always higher than supply since the supply is being manipulated to make more money (we don't have government regulations around our in-game markets). Those who get APEX purely for credits however, and this group is significantly smaller than those using it as stock, are getting screwed over.

    Here's the reality, if APEX did suddenly become bound after purchase, here are just some of the things would most likely occur:
    1. Fresh start APEX farmers would sell everything (cash out) and quit
    2. The price of APEX would drop significantly (lower demand, insane supply, everyone cashing out on gains or taking losses as much as possible)
    3. No one would buy anymore APEX for months or years for real money because there's too much stock in people's storage (Trion doesn't want this)
    4. Newer players would have more easily accessible APEX
    5. Any marketplace items (RNG box items included) would level in price to the new APEX prices (so that buying APEX and using it for RNG boxes isn't completely OP to make gold. This is how it is now, the economy will balance out)
    6. Over several months to a year, the prices of everything ingame would significantly lower
    7. Amount of illegal transactions and illegal transfer of assets that don't belong to players would increase

    From the list you can see that there are both positive and negative outcomes. Negative outcomes to those who stockpiled, positive outcomes for those that want to get into the economy and start playing the game. My thoughts after all of this is that if they released another Fresh Start server, this idea should absolutely be done. Legacy servers at that point would become completely obsolete as well. The reality is just that it won't occur because it's too much of a monetary risk for Trion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamepro03 View Post
    From another thread, some brainstorming on the subject.
    Thanks for sharing

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    1. Trion/XL need to come up with a Static Credit to Gold Conversion Number, ie; 100 Credits = 100g
    2. After that has been established, the items that are currently on the Market Place, that Can be resold in the AH, need to be Locked in at that ratio, Period.
    When Gold has a Static Value, the In-Game Production Methods will increase, the sale of AH items will stabilize, and we can All get back to Playing this Wondrous Game.

    Another Option, is to follow through with Step 1, and then;
    2. Remove the re-sale of Apex altogether. Removing the Gold-sellers in one fell swoop.
    3. Place Apex in the Marketplace, just like the recent Hiram Infusions and Loot Buff, Purchasable with In-Game Gold, and Bound on Pick Up, and Possibly even a Limit on quantity.
    Current AH prices on Legacy AH are killing off more than just the Gold-sellers. It’s making it impossible for current, new, or, returning players to continue.
    Apex does not generate in-game gold by its resale, it moves gold that already exists into the sellers bank, but on the other hand, helps players start generating in-game gold through other in-game activities.
    By removing its resale, we can get back to the Business of Archeage.

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    Unfortunately, you forget that it is humans playing this game...
    I can tell you two basic principles about humans, to which I will honestly admit to being co-fault with:
    1) Humans are lazy.
    2) Humans are greedy.
    No matter how you design it, humans will manipulate it to their own advantage... period.
    Your only other option it to hard code all values, but that still may not stop manipulation and would definitely kill the game.
    People play multiplayer games BECAUSE of the angles.
    Take out the angles... you end up with a flat game.

    One angle that MIGHT work is incorporate a full trading house where buyers can ALSO make [bids] and sellers can fill them.
    Bids would would work under the exact same timer system, but could be filled by a player directly from their inventory in the AH.
    Trades would be immediate.

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