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Thread: Too hard to make gold and royal seeds

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    Angry Too hard to make gold and royal seeds

    Hi !
    Thanks to the creator of Archeage to changed all the pack, fish and wreck system cause now it's really hard to make gold
    And thanks to have delete royal seeds on unities plants cause now it's harder to make them and you need so more seeds and time ! When i see that something who grow up in 10 min on unities make 3h in package i just want to cry ...
    So i suggest:
    - for pack to return to the previous system who was really better ...
    - for fishing to make that each fish give you more gold, like before ...
    - for wreck to make them use fewer crafting points ...
    - for royal seeds to let them in unities too ...

    Thanks and have a nice day !

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    aim fully agree

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    This is the gist of every thread, gold generation has been nuked and the game is suffering. It doesn't help that muzzy quit so I doubt anyone from Trion even reads this stuff anymore.

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    Though it's harder to make gold, per se, (I branched out into more than packs now), making gold is not THAT difficult.
    I managed to have next months APEXes bought already and I still have like 10 days left.
    Granted, probably could've saved a lot of game time by just swiping, but that's not a good option for me financially.
    I have more time than cash.
    Truth is... Players play games BECAUSE they have the time [and probably not the money]

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    Angry ArcheAge is punishing us for being farmers

    I am a farmer.
    There are many fun and exciting aspects of the game that keeps it alive and fresh but I always fall back to farming. Farming to me, much like farming in real life, can be rewarding. I plant crops and raise animals all with an expectation and anticipation of a good return of crops and money.

    As of this last update the trade system has changed to the point I am no longer happy on the game as the farming system feels unfriendly and unsustainable. You have raised the costs of manufacturing goods and crops and lowered the price of the finished product.

    As an example of this, my property in Rookborne can only hold 4 larders at a time. Before the update I would harvest the four larder packs and set them aside until I get 5 more. Then with a full load of 9 larder packs I made a trade run. After the update, you have increased the materials to make larders and lowered the chances of getting Royal seeds, making the production of larders much harder and more expensive. Then when time comes to harvest them a timer immediately starts counting down diminishing the value of the pack. By they time I harvest enough to make a full load of 9 larders for a trade run over half the packs values have decreased in value making the whole process unprofitable.
    The trade packs from my farm in Solzreed bring me only 4 gold, yes, FOUR gold each! That is down to only one third of what I used to make. I feel like the game now just punishing us for being farmers.

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