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Thread: Please Fix the Bouncing Vehicles

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    Please Fix the Bouncing Vehicles

    Ever since the upgrade, the vehicles (freighters, ironclads) have an increased likelihood of bouncing. Everyone is noticing it. Can't seem to find any threads on here complaining about it. Please fix this.

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    Vehicles like freighters, carts, haulers, ironclads, wheeled mortars etc. bounce really badly since patch, it did happen occassionaly before patch, but since then it makes ppl sea sick.
    Vehicles like madbike, rampage, apex, comet, timber, redwood, etc. since patch physics went out of game, let me explain, rampage has its centroid way too high, instead in front as it used to be since it has 200 stampeding boars there causing unwanted roof landings even on slightest contact with obstacle on the road in speed over 20m/s, madbike is way too light, it used to be heavier, and old cars seems to have loosed torque and gained weight, their centroid is too low, and its really hard to make them roof land, and they used to be more stable, now they drift too much. I am doing lot of car trades and ride really fast paced tracks avg. speed 25 - 28 m/s reaching max game speed 30m/s often.
    Changes that are welcome by me is making rampage to behave like sponge - its heavy so it should be less agile, and less responding to steering in high speeds, like it is since patch, madbike is really responding and agile which is great, old cars are finally responding to steering as they should have, since design is more like racing car compared to rampage.
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    +1 on the bouncing vehicles.
    I thought it might just be client related, but yesterday I was standing in Solis watching someone ELSE'S vehicle bouncing while they were trying to unload it.

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