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Thread: Ebonsong stuff

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    Ebonsong stuff

    Hello everyone!
    I came back to Archeage 1 month ago and i saw those new stuff, Hiram.
    I have now obsidian divine t5 (i think its now like t3 of 4 tiers) and Ayanad gale bow divine.
    I dont what kind of armor/weapon is better atm... Did i continue with obsidian armor (epic or more) and Erenor bow? Or did i change to Hiram armor and weapon?
    Help this poor Ebonsong T_T

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    Welcome back to the Game.
    Old T5 ist now T2(out of 4).
    We already know that in Fall we get the next update. Hiram T3. Thats roughly equal on epic(max) to legendary T4(old T7).
    So if you dont mind the (long) grind go for it. If you got some gold to spend you might want to go legendary/mythic obsidian instead?
    Stats you want to get on Armor
    (Belt&Arms are different). Only part i would keep Obsidian ist Fists.
    Resilience,Dmgreduction(either Melee,Ranged,Magic),Agility(and a bit of Stamina maybe on a few) on all parts where it fits.
    Belt and Arms: Recieved Heal,Toughness,Agi/Stam

    But more important than Armor are the weapons.
    Use Hiram there. 2x One Handes Divine Statsticks(for extra Gemslot). Bow as high as you get it(Epic T3=Mythic Ayanad=LegT4(T7)=between Divine and Epic Erenor). On all weapons you want Agi/Stam, Ranged Critrate,Ranged Critdmg.

    But dont be overly excited. Its not as easy as it sounds. First you need to drop the correct parts, with 2-3 correct stats(so you dont need to reroll everything. And then you still need to feed it(some gold and huge labor sink)

    Good Luck.

    Edir:Rewritten text several times as my mobilephone made some mess with the texts. Hope it is now properly written down.
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