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Thread: What happened to rug placement?

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    What happened to rug placement?

    I had a rug in my thatched farmhouse. It had a chair and a sofa on top of it and a bit of the edge was inside the stone under the fireplace and the other one under a partition.
    Today I tried to put a regal cooking tool by the side but I couldnt, so I removed the rug because I knew that the other time I put it I had to put it in an exact order, first the rug and then the objects or vice-versa...but frak me, I couldnt put again the rug on the floor, even without the other furniture, now It does not allow me tu put that rug into my house.
    Was that an intended change or collateral damage?

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    Rugs need a serious overhaul they are so temperamental. Looking at the list of items interacting with the rug I would say the trouble could be with the partition. I have trouble often with partitions and the rules change on them somewhat often. I've had multiple items that could hang on partitions only to see the ability be removed over time. Can you place the rug in an area that it's not touching anything at all? If I had a spare one to play around with I would but I don't want to mess it up the one I have placed if rugs are broken

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    No, don't remove it.

    I already had tried removing the partition, it seems that the rug don't fit anymore in my house.

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    I suggest you provide some screenshots to help us guide you with the placement. Rugs are indeed very difficult to work with due to their coding.

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