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Thread: Wts leggy obs leather. Erenor mythic ls

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    Wts leggy obs leather. Erenor mythic ls

    WTS(all erenor and t7s are leather):
    mythic erenor longspear
    t7 legendary chest piece
    t7 legendary legs
    t7 boots
    Delphinad flame guards
    Erenor epic bow
    mythic t7 ss
    epic erenor guards
    epic erenor belt
    divine erenor chest full gem
    divine erenor legs full gem
    divine erenor cap
    divine erenor gloves
    legendary ayanad flame jerkin full gem
    epic ayanad ocean shirt full gem
    epic ayanad desert cap
    epic ayanad earth fists
    divine ayanad stone hoodx2
    divine ayanad lake gloves x2
    divine ayanad life hood

    msg bfey#0513 in discord.

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    are you still selling leg leather pants?

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