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Thread: Mobilization Order Pop Up

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    Angry Mobilization Order Pop Up

    Maybe I'm the only one it bothers but it would be really awesome if you folks could discuss maybe making the pop up Mobilization Order window smaller and relocate it up a little bit so it's not smack in the middle of the screen? Doing risky runs, in small and large scale PvP, an even buying something from AH or marketplace and clicking the wrong thing at the wrong time is pretty irritating. When a red comes out of nowhere and I get that damn pop up or when I get thrown off and buy the wrong thing for loyalty it gets a little annoying. Just a suggestion.
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    This right here is the cause for a lot of swear words. I'm suprised they havn't moved it somewhere else on the screen by now. Right in the middle is not an ideal place for it to pop up.

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    like you this horrifying window, it always happens when it is not necessary

    I do not understand that this window is so big and still not changed since the beta. as you did, I happened to click unintentionally.

    And I must say that there is also the window of successes of reniveling that is misplaced and come riding the one that are useful to us.

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    I would like to have an option that I can set to have it never pop up. I click the checkbox and tell it to not pop up again every reset. I'd love to set that in options and have it not show up at all.

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