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Thread: APEX in AH totally out of reach for new Free to Play accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewenomi View Post
    I do feel for many players who want the benefits of Patron but can't afford the cost for whatever reason.
    I myself don't work much, so funds are limited and I have to choose my financial drains carefully.
    Thus, I depend on gold-driven Patronage.
    My primary reason for even playing this game is property ownership.
    If I couldn't afford to trade for Patron, I would likely quit.
    One suggestion is this... bind the cottage and the scarecrow farm in such a way that, even without Patron, players can put those two items in Housing, as if they had Patron.
    The rest of Patron benefits... I could likely work with.
    Maybe be able to do off-and-on Patron.
    I would be doing something else other than play games then honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollolol View Post
    It's not that expensive to pay for patron if you're only paying on 1 or 2 accounts.

    My suggestion, pay up.

    I pay for accounts but I did the 1 yr thing which makes it basically the same as doing 2 accounts month to month.

    Granted, the risk is that they can make really stupid system changes and kill the game for you and you're already all in. That said, it's not that much money.

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    The people who keep going on about 'Supply and Demand' obviously have no idea about how it actually works (or doesn't) in closed and non-closed systems.
    The players seem at least as oblivious as they say they think the developers are.

    If it were as simple as 'More demand for Apex means Apex price can go up' then you would just endlessly spiral up after the first time demand exceeded supply:
    Apex price goes up = reduction in the number of ftp players who can afford it = resource prices go up (ftp farm them) = Apex prices go up (ptp need more gold) ad infinitum

    Pure 'Supply and Demand' only works for Luxury items where the demand will always be higher than the maximum physical supply and the supply is from a small number of sources.
    The items are then priced based on the highest profit overall (not per item) for the entire available stock. If you can sell 2 for 1K profit each, why would you drop the price to sell 4 if you only got 400 profit from each? (4*400=1600<2000), but if you could sell all 6 of your stock for a profit of 400 each then that would be worth dropping your price. (6*400=2400>2K)
    However even this requires that the profit and the cost of production are in the same closed system, which is not the case for Apex. Production cost is in cash and so there is no S&D calculable profit for payment in gold; every sale 'loses' $10.

    Apex is not a Luxury item; it is not physically limited in supply, and it is not available only from a handful of sources.
    Patron is not like a giant flat-screen TV - people won't 'just do without': Patron is like food - demand will drop to the level of supply because everyone else has starved to death.

    The injection of Apex into the system is not part of the in-game economy as there is no way to use the profits of the sale to generate more Apex in-game.
    (Apex speculation is another issue entirely and a quick and easy way for rich characters to kill a ftp game.)
    Apex form a meta-economy outside the game, based on an exchange of cash for a 'value for money experience' between the ptp player and the game distributor and 'in-game resource generation' for 'added value of play' between the distributor and the ftp player.

    Thus: The aim in selling cash-purchased Apex in-game is not 'profit', but to maximise the buying power of the received in-game payment to the meta-consumer (the player who swiped).

    What is the point of having gold if there is nothing to buy or the price is always 'too much' no matter how much you have?
    (And yes I know that in RL the answer is 'so that nobody else has it' or 'to paint my fleet of private jets with' but those arse-holes are living in a world where the peasants can't just quit and 'god' won't pull the plug if he doesn't turn a profit.)

    Hopefully (though I doubt it), this will have clarified to people that screwing the ever diminishing ftp players for every in-game gold they can while complaining that the distributor is making them quit by screwing them for every out-of-game penny they can, (and maybe even to the distributor if they read these comments), that 'Supply and Demand' is not the all-purpose excuse for being a greedy bastard that everyone seems to think it is.
    The meta-economy is bigger than just this game; ptp players have choices and the ftp players will be forced to follow.

    I am ftp and I like this game - please don't kill it!

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