I wanted to write about current economy and problem that returned after Copper/Silver/Gold crates were changed into new ones.
I would like to put silver crate as example.
Before the patch crate were boosted and they gave more red lunarite which is most important since its used most often. Great proc from these boxes gave 7-10 superior lunarites

Current crate great proc gives 2-4 superior lunarites and also its not giving fireglow lunarite that often. In most cases people opening these crates receive copperglow lunarite.

Another part of problem is cost to make keys
To craft silver key people require 8 silver ingots + copper key
Copper key require 18 copper ingots

The change made to drills to change material gain ( primary is stone ) also reduced number of copper/silver ore generated int the market.

Situation now is really bad since there is huge demand for copper, not enough copper produced made its price skyrocket making opening crates not efficient which resulted in lunarite price spike again.

This is taking a step back from what was made to fix lunarite problem and i think should be again fixed either by changing copper drop ratio/reducing copper cost for key/increasing lunarite drop from crate.

Below i add current AH pictures that show trends.