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    UPDATED - PTS Downtime - 8/10/18 at 1PM PDT (2000 UTC)

    Greetings, testers!

    We will be bringing the PTS offline to deploy the August Update today at 1PM PDT (2000 UTC). Downtime is expecting to last 90 minutes. We appreciate your patience during this downtime.

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, we ran into an issue during the deployment, and will need to extend downtime by another 60 minutes on top of the current estimate. I'll provide an update if anything changes!

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    Patch notes available soon?

    The world needs more good people willing to take a stand for what is right against those who intend to do harm.

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    Ayeeee maybe I get to be on finally! Though np guys take your time, no rush. Still can't wait to get back on though, oh how I missed ArcheAge. ^-^

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