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Thread: [Ezi][Fortuna][Nuia] - PvE Community

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    [Ezi][Fortuna][Nuia] - PvE Community

    ++ Fortuna Gaming ++
    Social Multigaming Community

    Server: Ezi
    Motivation: Farm & Dungeons
    Discord: https://discord.gg/CmxxRVS

    Story About:
    First at all i wanna say Thanks for reading that Post.The Motivation for Create a Social Multigaming Community is clear.My Experience showing that the Gamers more and more like to be a Dig to new Players or Newbies.I Want to Create Experience thats showing a diffrent way to Play Videosgames.

    Player needs:
    Discord - Its more a Big Chatting room than a Voice Plattfrom , sure for Events and Support Things Voice is needed.
    Teambased Motivation - No Egoistic ♥♥♥♥ , but you dont need to give Members Gold or something else you dont want.

    I want to bring the pve feeling back , doing dungeons together or just make a Traderun with chatting and joking.
    I dont want to Force people to invest Money to be the best Geared Player on this Server.
    More i want to Force people to have fun and doing what they like.But more than just a Hello and Bye in Chat.

    I Hope for the Future , my wish come True.And we create a Great Community with nice People.
    You can write me a letter ingame,Whispering me or visit our Discord.

    Friendly Greetings
    Boneglue aka Smile

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    Hello, how many members are in youre Guild?
    By the way my name is Darkmouad and im lvl 51.
    ILL whisper you in the game so we can know each other a bit.

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