Hello there,

I want to tell what happen to me and I feel cheated. I make 2 packs form DS auroria packs turn in at 2 crowns took them to HS it was piece. I Started to despawn my boat with my alt one pack on me and other on my alt 2 packs total. Then it tell ported me to 2 crown nui for no reason and my alt. The packs where removed for I have no reason why. I give screen shots with packs and timers. It took me long time to generate these 2 packs. This what support told me.

I sorry for what happen to you here is one time comp of 2 labor pots 500 each. Because thing can be stolen we can not give you your charcoal.

What a load of crap. I took screen shots and there game ported me to this witch I find you responsible for its not my problem your system teleported me. I talking about 2 packs is all and they will not give me my charcoal. I have 3 sub witch I will be canceling do to way this was handled.

Your not doing any favor to me tell me your going give me one time offer of 2 labor pots do to your system sending me across the map and remove my packs. What if it happen again. I suppose to take a lose because your system is screw up I think not.