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Thread: Something’s Just Not Right o.O

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    Something’s Just Not Right o.O

    Can you hear it...?
    The cry of souls, who’ve lost their way
    Can you feel it...?
    The stillness, the calm, in the eye of the storm
    Can you smell it...?
    The burning bridges, chopped trees, and molding supplies
    Can you taste it...?
    If you dared to eat of the spoils, before judgment is unleashed; foul, and curdled
    Can you see it...?
    The walls of Hatred, the Winds of Change, the coming Storm

    Wake up from your dream;
    The clouded skies, the raging sea, the baron lands, “The Gods” are coming.

    Pray for their Blessing, Prepare for their Judgement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTrooper View Post
    “The Gods” are coming.
    Free disconnects for everyone? ;-)
    A child of song, a child of rage
    Abandoned in another age
    Now ancient hate and rhymes that bind
    Make paradise a tomb divine
    And demons trapped in beauty’s thrall
    Hunt those who heed the bloodsong’s call.

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