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Thread: Whats the typical BD rotation?

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    Whats the typical BD rotation?

    I am trying to learn BD but not sure how to enter a fight with proper songcrafts and how to open up.

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    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snerdles View Post
    lol funny. At least you have to mash multiple keys instead one single dummy key for gods whip LUL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justaguy View Post
    I am trying to learn BD but not sure how to enter a fight with proper songcrafts and how to open up.
    I don't play blade dancer but i'm assuming it would go something like... poisoned weapons/free runner/battle focus>play song buffs>double time (to rush your opponent quickly) >charge>whirlwind slash>pin down>precision strike> (OPTIONAL if they aren't dead) hammer toss>shadowsmite>sunder earth.....also use sonic wave for when you are in trouble.

    This is just in general, so it's probably the basic. I could be off a bit and sorry for that. Also 1v1's or small/large scale could differ.

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    Mh this rota is okay but u can optimize it

    First combo: (ez as f) we start: mistsong nodachi > battlefocus > freerunner > double time > stealth > lightning shadowsmite > squishy targets 10k gs + = dead (optional honor nodachi for full impact)

    Seconde combo: mistsong nodachi > battlefocus > freerunner > charge > one triple slash > whirlwind slash > ( enemy tripped) (butter and bread combo) so now u have different options

    - Debuff the target but only 1-2, cause u run out of time to tripp the target again > hammer toss > pin down > (stealth) shadowsmite > sunder earth > precision straße = its like everything is dead tank, healer, dd dosent matter, dual wield dosent matter ( ofc u need good crit rate and crit dmg)

    - If u know ur target isnt so tanky u can go directly to the dmg skill like hammer toss> pin down > (stealth) shadowsmite > sunder earth > precision strike

    Third combo: behinde enemy lines > whirlwind slash > feel free to add smth what i write befor. Btw its the fastes combo u got on bd to trip the target.

    Soo i hope that help u a little


    Oh i forgot the song wich increase ur dmg and attack speed try to used as much as u can

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    just like any battlerage+shadowplay melee class you set up marco and go with lion stun -> charge -> pin down -> sunder earth -> precision -> shadowsmite and win, im sure you don't even need a 3rd tree besides battlerage + shadowplay for this
    less breathe more silence

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