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    hey guys
    I stopped playing archeage that for first but i never forgot about this great game and i still watching over it
    Most annoying thing is we dont have anything for players without paying...
    I visit main site realy often and i only see sales new crates new costumes or bringing old back... there is 0
    things for all players its so hard to make event to farm something to get few decorate items or costume or anything for every1 ? not like 3 event in whole year and repeat them year by year

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    It's pretty clear at this point Trion has given up on the game. They've grabbed what cash they could out of one last fresh start, laid everyone off and are just gonna take whatever money people are still willing to give them to keep the servers on. With no events and no community engagement they've clearly just decided to let it die. I'm sure every couple months they'll make a post that acts like they still "care about this wonderful game" and then go back to letting it die.
    Really is a shame cause there still is the structure of a great game here if a developer and publisher was passionate about their product. But everyone's been saying that for years now and XL/Trion have shown this game isn't a priority for them.

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