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Thread: mana issues for SOME Hybrids

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    mana issues for SOME Hybrids

    I run a vitalism hybrid build with plate and on face value I dont expect to heal big groups but I shouldnt go oom healing my self and trying to do damage the penalty is Im healing and not doing damage so I dont expect to blow people up in one rotation. A paladin ,argent should not need too wear cloth to play its build. Songcraft does not penalize leather weaing ebonsongs etc, they can even sustain heals with out a healing weapon because song craft has been over tuned and looks to be even more over tuned 5.0. So what Im asking for is for plate to be granted with int and spirit or more mana forgiving passives in vitalism. I know the hiram gear can kinda do this but you have to pick int or spirit and it is not cool for anyone with these hybrid builds have to start over after being established ......Thanks

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    you answered your own question there, you need to make spirit plate if you wanna heal in plate. your problem is not hybrids, your problem is trying to heal without healing stat.

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