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Thread: Scarecrow 8x8

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    Scarecrow 8x8

    Hey Guys,
    I have decided to restart the game on a new server. Now i want to get the Scarecrow 8x8-Farm. I play on Nuia and have already got the first quest in the first zone. So i had gone to the 2nd zone and went to the Bluesalt-Brotherhood. After finishing this first quest, i didn't get another one. But i remember, that i had to do some more quest on my old server (take 5 times water from the fountain for example) to get the Scarecrow. But what i have to do on my new server to get the Scarecrow, cause obviously i won't get one with the quests.
    I am LvL 33 and playing for 3 days now.
    Thx for helping, Thyklion

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    did u go to halcyona to get the quest for the 8x8 at solisa

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