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Thread: Pending Doom!

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    Pending Doom!

    Players vs. Game

    This Teeter Toter of a balancing act, is currently weighted heavily on the Game’s Revenue, and sorely lacking in Player’s Appreciation.

    There is an unrecoverable tipping point, at which the Players, will get catapulted into oblivion, as the Game crashes down, like the “Dead Weight” it will become.

    If not done right, 5.0 will be that “Point of No Return”, for NA and EU.
    Pay More $, for Less Game = DISASTER

    Suggestion to Players:
    Put on your crash helmets and parachutes folks;
    Either, we’re going to be flung into orbit, or, the brick walls of communication are going to crush us.

    Suggestion to “The Game”:
    We, the Players, deserve a Working Game!
    That includes the Life’rs that populate the Legacy Servers.
    Fix it now, for those who are left; Yeah, us Legacy Players, we are still here. o.O

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    Mergers before 5.0 is a Colossal Mistake!
    FS is untouched by merges; Killing off all the Legacy Players before a Major Update, with a Merge, is not the way to ensure longevity.
    (“Thumbs Down” Emoji)

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