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Thread: Game suggestion: Banking system

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    Game suggestion: Banking system

    Hello everyone, I have only been playing this game for a relatively short period of time, but have already come to love it. As I have been playing, I found myself wishing for a separate place to hold my gold in when I was looking to save for an expensive item (Like apex or a new mount) as I spend much of my gold freely with no real tracking on my costs and profits. I feel a banking system would be a helpful, and fairly easy/simple addition to the game that could really help players manage their gold a bit better. My idea for this would be having a NPC who is in your factions headquarters (like Austera) who you can transfer gold from your inventory into a "Bank Account", which would function similar to banks irl. To provide addition incentive/help regulate the market an interest system for only patron players (as an addition patron incentive) could also be implemented, perhaps something like as follows; .001-.01% interest daily on the gold you have stored away, with a 25g per day profit hard cap so the large accounts cannot abuse the banks and the market does not become inflated. other requirements could be that you have to log in atleast once every 2-3 days so inactive players cannot accrue gold simply by existing as well. It's just an idea that I had for the game, i'd love to hear what others think about it, so please leave your feedback!

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    Fortunately for you, this feature is already there! Talk to one of the Daru NPCs near the Owl mail posts to access your Warehouse storage. You can store gold in there (check the bottom of the Warehouse window). No interest rate though =(.

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    It would be kind of neat of there was actually a banking system run by the Daru who could lend gold costing interest, which would help make another gold sink in the game. Unfortunately, we all know that people would just make alts, fulfill the requirements for loans, buy a bunch of junk and transfer it, and then delete the characters because cheating scum will always do whatever they can to destroy anything fun.
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    ^^^What he said^^^

    Though it could be fun to see 'Mortgaged' tags on someone's gear and see it get 'repossessed' in the middle of a raid if they hadn't kept up with the payments - ROFLMFAO!

    I would like to see a Family Bank/Warehouse though
    the ability to put gold in a regular Storage Chest
    share a Storage Chest with both Family & Guild at the same time
    a way to bank reward coins or transfer them to a separate coin-purse

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