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Thread: Wow. Conviction and Thunderwing merge

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    Wow. Conviction and Thunderwing merge

    What a "Disaster" to migrate away from thunderwing to free farm conviction only to evolve into a superserver. I guess you can run away from a fight but you can't always avoid it.

    Should be interesting


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    You're assuming that Disaster is going to stay on that server in order to freefarm against PUGs when a chunk of their remaining members (not the GG Nation-portion) would prefer to actually PVP.

    I've never much liked them, but I'm pretty sure that they'll be moving their group to Kyrios to take that Nation on into to merges while letting the other one deteriorate for the time being.

    We've got few windows left for "hype" PVP, this is one of 'em with the potential of Omen/BC/Disaster/Misc.

    Zeb PN will fizzle out, same with Reck PN... so it's a question of which groups absorbs them while also absorbing the various PUGs on those servers that aren't already tied into those groups.

    NA-2 is really just going to be the training wheels server for the other pugs.

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    The last server merge to Conviction was incredibly smooth and the compensation was great I am sure the compensation this time around will be at least equal

    My only thought is that last time there was not enough land to go around, so this time going to be a big crunch.

    But as a farmer (non PVPer) , I am excited to do it all again and will be standing there counting the seconds to plop down my instant Mansion
    Love this game. Find me on Kadum server Sunbite Wilds / Hyranya as"Treefarmer" or Trionworlds Twitch Livestreams of Archeage as "SolefireArcheage"

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