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Thread: Thinking about transferring, is it worth it?

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    Question Thinking about transferring, is it worth it?

    Im from the Kyrios server & its dead. Im from the East too so im curious to know about the status of the server as a whole and the East too. Is it worth transferring & is the PvP good. Also, who are the powerhouse guilds(Pirates,East,or West?)?
    Kyrios - East

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    Kyrios will soon be merged with other servers (minus Thunderwing and Conviction that will be merged together, I'm to lazy to remember all the servers or look for them sorry) on October 17th-18th at least that's whats being aimed for.

    Conviction population from what I see is okay, the east, pirate and west factions are pretty balanced although pirates are overall pretty weak, and player nation has its active days and its lazy days, least from what I've seen.

    I cant say there's any "power" guilds in east on Conviction as ive seen a few east guilds working together occasionally though if you look hard enough you may find a guild who likes PVP and has room for you in their ranks.

    Honestly Thunderwing is more populated at this time if you're looking for PVP fast i'd suggest going there, but if you could hold off I would suggest either sticking around on Kyrios for a bit longer for the merge where there will be a sudden increase of people, or if you really want to transfer to go to Thunderwing or Conviction as you were asking about Conviction.

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