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Thread: Thinking about transferring here, is it worth it?

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    Thinking about transferring here, is it worth it?

    Im from the Kyrios server & its dead. Im from the East too so im curious to know about the status of the server as a whole and the East too. Is it worth transferring & is the PvP good. Also, who are the powerhouse guilds(Pirates,East,or West?)?
    Kyrios - East

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    1. Re: Transfer
    Don’t waist your credits.
    Server Evolutions were announced. Aranzeb, Kyrios, Reckoning, Vengeance, and Kraken, are scheduled to be Merged.

    2. Re: Server Status
    There is no PvP.
    There is only Nation vs. Faction. PN and Pirate is the only Combat.
    Everyone else gets run over by a 30vs1 PN Zerg.
    If you enjoy getting One Shot, and love never completing a quest, Kraken is the place to be.
    Server Evolutions will not fix, what is the same, accross all the Servers being Merged; PN’s ruined AA.

    3. Re: Powerhouse Guilds
    There are none.
    PN has 8 Guilds, Pirates have “X” and growing, West have “Y”, and East have “Z”.
    If PN starts loosing, they add more Toons to the Zerg, from other PN controlled Servers.
    When pirates start wiping to the increase, they recruit more.
    West and East, now have, only a handful of capable Toons to watch out for their Factions.

    In short, there’s only one thing that’ll fix this mess.
    A MERGE.
    But, like I stated earlier; It won’t make a hill of beans difference, cause all the Servers are in the same, sinking, boat!

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