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Thread: Hiram EXP

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    Hiram EXP

    I've been meaning to post this for two months now, but I kept forgetting. Hopefully it will still be useful to some.

    Hiram EXP Chart

    This is meant to be used as a reference for those who want to estimate how much of a grind they're in for when they set out to make a Hiram item (or set). But of course, you can use it however you want.

    Credits and thanks to my friends Felicityy, Vobi, and Pew of the Thunderwing server for contributing to the Infusion EXP data. My formulas would not be accurate without that chart.

    Previous Work
    Patch 4.5 Regrade Sheet
    Patch 4.5 Regrade Sheet Forum Post
    Patch 3.5 Regrade Sheet
    Patch 3.5 Regrade Sheet Forum Post

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    Thank you very much for this!

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    you state that its not worth maxing out the item to 100% before moving to the next tier, however if you don't you forefit about 6 points into the main stat (0% celestial has for instance 74 strength and 100% celestial has 80). Later down the line this comes up to a significant loss in stats and makes your item weaker. At least that's what my experience has been with it. Now i haven't maxed out T2 Divine yet so im not sure if it evens out when you bring it to 100% later or not. Is that something you can confirm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathLives View Post
    Is that something you can confirm?
    I'm sorry, I wrote that under the assumption that everyone's end goal would be to take the item to T2. If you do not plan to take the item to T2, by all means max it. However, if your goal is to take it to T2, then start making the enhancement attempts the moment the T1 hits Celestial. Not only do you waste exp by getting the T1 to max Celestial, but you also lose a stat roll attempt because a max Celestial T1 enhances to Arcane T2 (instead of Rare if the T1 is not maxed) (again, IF AND ONLY IF the goal is T2).
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    Sometimes it makes sense to take an item too T2 at 0% Celestial so you come in at a lower grade and get more free rerolls also.

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