Gathering members for a Mage only guild for the Conviction and ThunderWing Merge. If you have a Magic class and wanna work together in pvp and pve lets get together.

So Why a Mage only guild?

Well, great question but it's simply. If you wanna kill players like Thunderhawk you have to smash them with 5 meteors and 25 gods whips. Magic is one of the highest dps skills in the game, it also has the greatest potential for farming Hiram Gear. Magic works best in groups and we wanna prove that point.

The first 4 Members to join and help create the guild will be given Senior Mage rank.

So what are our rules?

Don't be a donkey is the first one. Donkeys have low MP and Low MP gets you the cloth side of the mages boot.
You have to be a regular functioning human being, meaning don't be crazy, have a stable job and be over the age of 16.
You must play a class with at least two magic skill trees and one must be your main dps skill.

More to come this is just the basics if you're interested in the idea help me build it up and join!, reply to this and ill pm the discord key so you can join the channel.