PROBLEM - Why have there been no summer events this year?
It's not like there aren't plenty to just recycle. Four to six events each year is not too much to ask, especially when most are going to be repeat events.

New/returning players keep asking me where I got certain items and I have been telling them to wait for the summer events and they can get them too ....and you have made a liar of me.
Rum Runner Rapids was one of the best events you have ever done and you skipped it!

SUGGESTION 1 - Make at least four events 'permanent fixtures' (one per season) and have the coins roll-over from year to year. This would create a sense of continuity and stability giving people reason to compete even if they know they won't have enough coins to buy the big prize... this year.

SUGGESTION 2 - Put reward coins/currency in a separate 'coin-purse' like gold/vocation/loyalty/credits so they can be saved or spent instead of just forming inventory clutter.
The mechanism for turning reward coins into non-item currency already exists as it is used for Loyalty and APEX.