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Thread: In-game mail not long enough

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    Lightbulb In-game mail not long enough

    Any chance that the character limit for in-game mail messages can be increased in 5.0?

    Having to send 3-4 mails at a time just to keep in touch with community friends is tedious and annoying.

    Community spirit is something that this game needs more of and restricting inter-character/player communication is counterproductive..

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    the mail system needs changed in general, you should be able to collect from a warehouse and read mail just at any time remove the post owl, the warhouse should be the post owl to send items an the mail owl should deliver messages to the players directly
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    I like my post owl, wouldn't need an automatic mail included into the warehouse because of immersion/medieval world. ^^
    But I would like to have more space to write, it's annoying when you would like to tell a whole story to your friend, but have to split it up between 5 letters or even more.
    Imagine you write a letter to your friends in real world and have to type 10 letters and the poor postman has to carry it all to your friends home, it's probably not fun.
    So here's my simple +1 for this suggestion.

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