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    AA Anniversary Livestream, Sept 14, 1:30 pm

    Khrolan and Socke are back, and we're getting together to celebrate 4 years of ArcheAge! We'll cover Anniversary Events, Server Evolution and 5.0!

    Summer's over and it's time to get back to work! Join us as we catch up on all things ArcheAge. Brasse will fit in as many questions as possible from this Official Livestream Forum thread for this session!

    ArcheAge Livestream
    Friday, September 14th, 1:30 PM Pacific (20:30 UTC)

    See you there!

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    So this is the official place to ask questions? OK.

    1. Where is the long overdue producer's letter?
    2. Where is the long overdue merge FAQ?

    You see, it's jolly difficult to come up with meaningful and efficient questions after months of silence and no info at all, other than

    3. Why did you abandon us for so long?
    4. Where is this ship headed?

    Thank you for releasing the merge FAQ. While you are in a communicative spirit, I'd like to add some questions I already posted six weeks ago in anticipation of the producer's letter:

    Are you considering the release of a subscription/Buy2Play server in the future?

    Though a controversial topic, this type of server is something that a lot of people would be interested in. The thought of playing ArcheAge as a game that does not require an army of alts to keep up is quite attractive.
    Apart from that, the microcosm of the game is changed significantly through Hiram gear, which requires much more time than gold to get, and cannot be sold -- or bought. This is leaving the community without much reason to buy and sell APEX; the result can be seen in the dramatic price increase of APEX on the auction house. For that reason alone, a new approach to monetizing the game might be in order. What are your thoughts on this?

    If ArcheAge remains free to play... will you guarantee a stable supply of APEX on the auction house? With the changes outlined above, the supply of APEX is steadily drying up. It's a big problem for people who rely on APEX to keep their sub and property, who are now caught between a rock and a hard place: either spend almost all gold they can make on APEX and forget about progress, or be constantly at risk of losing their sub. It's not a fun experience. What will you do to remedy this situation?

    The perils of AltAge

    APEX and subscriptions aside, there is still the possibility to create an unlimited number of free accounts, leave them logged in for labor, and use them to generate a variety of currencies. This is not profitable for you, and has a very unfortunate effect on the game's economy and the value of said currencies, leaving all players who don't enjoy that kind of "playstyle" at a permanent disadvantage. What are your thoughts on this? Shouldn't AltAge die so that ArcheAge can live?
    "Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much."

    Oscar Wilde on ArcheAge

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    Hurry up and merge servers so i can send these tomatoe cans back to the b league.

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    After the 2-3 month long almost radio silence, no events, almost no updates or reply I personally have a few questions.
    1. Are we going to be getting events regularly again i.e rum runner (other skipped events that we usually get), double/triple events (honor, drop rate, kyrios badges, etc)?
    2. Are we going to get events that have been missed leading up to Halloween and can we even expect a Halloween, thanks giving or xmas event ?
    3. Servers have been lagging recently any timeline on when they wont?
    4. Most ppl prefer more feed back from trion, any at all really ,we have no updates this week is fine tbh, can you let's us know you're still with us?

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    1. What is the compensation about a dragon in process when the server merge?
    2. What is the compensation about a wyvern in process when the server merge?
    3. Can we get Exp, Drops, Hiram, Kyrios x2 (or more) event for the anniversary?
    4. Can we get Regrade Event? (1 years without one lol, i know obsidian gonna die, but let us have fun no ?)
    5. The 5.0 Update gonna fix the BUG with the Hot Tubs?
    6. I have recently get a red dragon (Kurisu - Eanna), it is normal the dragon have some animation bug, and sometime for no reason the breath completly reset ? (i go from 0 charge to 3 directly without any reason).
    7. I have recently get a turtle ship (Kurisu - Eanna), why that ship is so bad ? 60K HP (20k less than any ship), can get only 20 people on it, only 3 canon each side and 15 DIFFERENT SPAWN to get it (omg i take 2 hours to found the GOOD spawn).
    8. Why is there no choice to have the dragon figurehead in the naval arena rewards?
    9. Can you increase the number of entry on the Water Gun Arena ? (3 to 5 ?)
    10. What is that event "Tiny Treasure Taffy item" and why you start it the 26/09 ? The anniversary is in 2 day, and we didn't get ANY EVENT from the LAST 7 MONTH.
    11. Are you gonna open a new Fresh Start like Korean (Evolution Fresh Start server)?
    12. Are you gonna open Free Transfer before the merge?

    13. So 5.0 comming, but what about "Ascend" update 4.5 for Fresh Start ?

    14. What are the actual Compensation for the Merge ?
    15. We gonna have only 2 Legacy server on Europe, are you gonna increase the drop rate ?
    16. Can we know the names of the current Archeage (TrionWorlds) team members?
    17. Are you finally going to recruit game masters to make the servers more alive and secure?
    18. What are the real chances of getting a red, green and black dragon? (33.3% each?)
    19. I have already a Red Dragon, if i get another Heart, i can not be sure of getting a green or black dragon, so what's the point of having made an achievement asking us to get all three?

    20. Why have you take 1 more month than any other region to give the rewards & name of the Global Art Festival Event ? (Remember you write " Rankings will be announced by August 10th, with prizes to follow.) Will you give them compensation in addition to their reward?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Hello Both of these questions are regarding the Nui Freshstart Server

    1. Red Dragon is a kill-able boss in the game however, the recipe to upgrade the T1 Weapons into T2 does not show on the proven warrior workbench where it is supposed to be. Is this intended and supposed to be coming in the next patch? Can we get some info on this?

    2. In regard to the 7 set serp effects that get fused into the sleeves, will this be coming to the Nui freshstart or will they be legacy locked?

    That is all thank you!

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    1 - will we have any regular 2x event of anything this anniversary?

    2 - can we have the current lunafrost system reverted back since its clearly a step back?

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    Where is the pirate faction statue? how can we send tickets for 3 months with no care?

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    Hi. Would love to have answers to the following questions, since its been brought as a topic of hot discussions between players for weeks now, if not months:

    1) First of all, Korea had and still have 100% and +120% loot drop buffs for a long time already. Why we getting a rip-off of that for a higher price than they do? Their +120% loot drop pot costs 35 gold on AH and there is a ton of them there. Not even mentioning 15g +100% loot drop buffs. And they do stack btw, thanks

    2) Why anniversary event are so bad? Not trying to be rude, but.. giving us a loot buffs that are just 24 hours usable and then you cant use them? Why not just simply put x2 or even x3 (c'mon, its a anniversary after all!) event in place for few weeks or even until 5.0 hits?

    3) What are you gonna do about apex prices? Its been a blast of their price for a long time.

    I'll explain how i think is a right way to make apex price in touch with ingame economy, its been done on RU server for a long time and yet they dont have any difficulties with apex prices there.

    So, the solution is: instead of selling apexes on the site, you put them on market place for, lets say, 1350 credits or something around it (slightly higher price than value they gives) and let people buy them ONLY for credits. So now you can have your lovely credit sales that will also affect apex prices the same way. And apex prices will be affected by credit price and ingame economy, but not the wrong way as it is now. Thanks

    4) Can you hire me so i will do proof reading of what you posting on site and forum is right? Cuz the dates on patch notes and the dates for same things in your anniversary blog post on site is quite (2 weeks +-) different.

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    why dont we have have any events ?

    is there a new CM?

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