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Thread: Legacy or Fresh start ? (that question again ?)(EU)

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    Legacy or Fresh start ? (that question again ?)(EU)

    My friends and myself are planning to give archeage a try (again for some of us), but we are kind of conflicted in the choice of the server. Fresh start look attractive because they are newer etc, but we are a little concerned about population.

    Do you know which of the servers have the most active population ? We fear that FS are not as populated as legacy and that they will lose their playerbase faster. We don't know how long we will play AA, but if we were to stick to the game we would really not want to have to move from a server to another, or begin again. Any advice ?
    (I'm speaking about european servers, not NA)

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    Retribution seems to be the best server right now. Good population, some new players so you won't be totally alone. I was on Eanna and it was dead, came to Retribution and invited some newbs friends to join me, they enjoy it. The good thing is there is not that much P2W players. I heared they were more on the fresh start server (but just rumors you can read on the Internet so not sure).

    With the upcoming merge, things might change a bit, but i'm sure Retribution (merging with an other server aswell) will stay a good EU server, with a solid playerbase, and not only Super Ultra PGM P2W cancer ^^

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