Finally a Hero 🤔

Yes, I finally made Hero, Ayanad, at that.
Good thing too, cause this is the Last Hero Selection that will be eligible to receive Awards, that we’re earned, before Mergers and 5.0 change the AA Population.
Yes, there will be one more Hero Vote, but, Armageddon arrives half way through the next Reward Cycle 😩 Bummer!
Those Heroes get Free Rewards with no Effort!
According to the Evolution FAQ; “Heroes will be removed and no Heroes will be on the council until the next election cycle. Current heroes will be granted a Golden Hero’s Chest, and all Hero Cloaks will be removed.”

TBO, there’s only a handful of Mains left on West anyway, and likely the same for the East.
The Pirates fight for PvP and to get content back from the Free-Farming PN’s, so no one really cares about the E/W Heroes and the Hero Statue Buff, that requires Cargo btw, that no one generates. 🙄
Ever wonder why some of us can’t seem to get gear?
We’re the ones feeding the Broken Hero Statue with Gold, So Our under geared, outnumbered, forgotten Souls, have a fighting chance.

R.I.P. Teamwork 😂
P.S. Please fix the Hero Statue Pack Crafting Machine in the Hero Hall.
This machine has no other purpose, and confuses many players trying to help build up their Nation.
The ability to craft a HS Pack from mats, instead of from non-generated cargo, would go a long way towards un-gimping our Nations.