I wonder is there are a few who still enjoy this game or are back in the game and want to chill, have fun, enhance their stats and equipment, maybe even grow a settlement later and keep exploring. I'm a founder and since no other game as still been able to do for me as much as archeage did at launch, I decided to get back and just enjoy without any compromisse after 4 years of being away (at least until CoE arrives ). and so I wonder if there is any small active community on the to be Evolution2 EU server (currently on Retribution) that is open to new players and would take me in. I'm just currently leveling a warborn Liberator from the ground up. I don't particularly care about factions, but do not wish to become a pirate by trade.

Anyway. Let us hope for a rework on the game economy and balance so its population can be brought back to life.

Best regards ArchePlayers.

EDIT: If anyone is interested in forming this family/party pm me or reply (a group around 10 players max would be ideal )