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Thread: Community Manager Closing Threads.

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    Community Manager Closing Threads.

    I have seen how Trion worlds usually delete any negative forum posts , but do you guys really fail to see something wrong with this?

    " Thank you for your feedback, Kingzilla, it has been noted.
    We are closing this thread, as you do not play ArcheAge and are not coming back. " - Trion Brasse


    Close the thread but please at least show that you care about the failure of this game.

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    Senior Member Pietro's Avatar
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    This forum has always been a "safe space" for trion and trion's white knights...This is why the majority of the community goes to


    for discussing the game.

    Trion employees who dare to go there are normally instantly voted down because of how much they are despised(sp).

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    There’s plenty of constructive critique forum posts here. I’ve “complained “ and not once received a warning. The posts you’re referencing are ppl being completely mad with no useful info to contribute and not playing the game. I’m glad there’s someone closing threads and not deleting. You can still see the person’s complaints.

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    If you're surprised by this level of customer service, you haven't been paying attention the last 4 years.

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