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Thread: Apex inflation fix.......maybe?

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    Apex inflation fix.......maybe?

    I was wondering if removing apex from the auction house and make them so you could only sell them to a vendor for a set price (basically buying gold) from trion.

    You could buy apex from the cash shop as normal or buy from the general vendor for the same price people sell them for.

    That way people wanting to buy gold could get it instantly from selling apex and people with no access to real life money but want patron or credits for items, could get them anytime and know the price without all the spam and price fluctuation.

    If you make your gold flipping apex then sorry for suggesting this.

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    The price of the APEX would need to be continually adjusted to match the value of gold in game. Assume that APEX was being vendored for 100G at the time your suggestion is implemented; Also assume that the value of several, certain commodities is 20 silver per unit. At the time of implementation, someone selling APEX would be able to purchase 500 units of said commodities. Now imagine that the price of said commodities shifts to 40 silver per unit due to inflation. If APEX's value were to remain the same, you could then only purchase 250 units of those commodities. You're suddenly paying $10, but your purchasing power has dropped significantly because of inflation which occurs with other items besides APEX. As an APEX buyer who spends their real money, you don't want to lose any value you have, so the vendor price would need to be adjusted.

    I said all that to say this. Who will be in charge of adjusting the price of APEX? How often would the adjust it? The price of good fluctuates relatively frequently and varies literally based on the time of day. Do you think they could even dedicate one person to this job? Do you think it is a job one person can handle alone?

    Edit: Knowing that, you're essentially back where you were before. The price of APEX rises beyond a comfortable level for some buyers. Inflation exists everywhere in game, not just with APEX. You need to address the root of the problem, which is income. Your rate of income should be rising proportionally (if not greater than) to the rate of APEX. If it is not, you should thoroughly and honestly investigate your methods. If you can genuinely clear your personal methods (which you will not be able to, because I know, even in this time when people say it's harder to make gold, it is not), then you have to find where all of the gold is coming from which is driving up the price of goods- that source would need to be addressed in one fashion or another.

    Finally, you don't have to worry about offending anyone with your suggestion, as it's not bound in reality, so no one has to worry about it coming to fruition and affecting their in-game lifestyle.
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    Isn't that what the auction house is for? Seller set price until item get sold?

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    I've made a lot of gold flipping items on the auction house and if you were to remove apex from ah manipulation, it would provide some stability to the market. Could start at 1 gold = 1 credit. General merchant could buy and sell apex for 1250 gold.

    Or maybe I have just had too much glaucoma medication

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quackers View Post
    I've made a lot of gold flipping items on the auction house and if you were to remove apex from ah manipulation, it would provide some stability to the market. Could start at 1 gold = 1 credit. General merchant could buy and sell apex for 1250 gold.
    Selling APEX for gold in game removes Trion from making money. The entire point is for Trion to profit off of the willingness of people to buy progress off of others.

    APEX prices only rise with the ability to make gold in game. If everyone makes 100g a day and is willing to give up 20% of their progress then 2 APEX will be 600g... suddenly make everyone make 1000g a day and the same effort will make APEX worth 6000g.

    Getting rid of cross region alts would be a massive help since right no you can literally just log in for under 10 minutes a day and pay for your account. That's not too bad when you usually need to have your toon sleep for 10-20 minutes anyway, may as well log in cross region and play free or make extra credits/gold.
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