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Thread: New to the game have some question !!???

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    New to the game have some question !!???

    hi i'm new here so before i download the game i have a questions to ask:
    is it wroth to play the game ( population and community etc....)
    is the game based pve or pvp is it fun or no ( i like pve more then pvp )
    and i hope a get a answer thank you for reading and have fun bye

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    There is a server merge in a few weeks, so before you create a character you might want to research which servers are being merged if you plan on paying for patron to own land, or hold off on paying for patron until after the merge.

    Its a pretty PVP focused game after lvl 30, but overall its a pretty fun game if you can over look the P2W issues in the end game and are just playing for fun. There is PvE content and overall I find most people to pretty helpful, so try to overlook the trolls...every game has them.

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    Since worth is entirely subjective all I can say is that this game has several features that I haven't seen in any of the other MMOs i've played before. The housing system is amazing, that feeling of building up your little homestead into a great farming complex feels great. (yes i know a merge is coming, but i'm more excited for a high population server again).

    This game has a big pvp focus at end game, pve has expanded quite a bit since launch. There are a few dungeons and the fights are entertaining until you gear yourself above them, but that's any MMO. The farming and housing system are great and this is the only MMO i've played in which you can level almost exclusively from growing crops or raising livestock if you've ever wanted to be a farmer.

    The new hiram gear system is a big step in closing the gear gap that's been an issue for quite a while. It's a set of gear that drops exclusively from mobs in the lvl 50+ continent Auroria. This gear is untradeable and you power it up by feeding it other pieces of hiram gear. After the patch that is coming out next month it will be equivalent to some of the best gear in the game. It takes time to farm, but you won't have to create an entirely new set of gear since this game doesn't do the new expansion every year thing that some other games do.

    Overall I've played this game since alpha and although I don't always agree with how XLgames or Trion handles things it still has everything I've wanted out of an MMO in terms of actual gameplay. Plus you can start the game for free, see if you like it and if you don't oh well you're out a couple of hours. No worse than any standard game demo.
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