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Thread: A Dirty Casual Returning

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    A Dirty Casual Returning

    Hi, I have recently returned to ArcheAge after having did alpha, beta, and launch but eventually fell out of gaming because of life.

    Now on conviction and starting a new character (Illfygla) just to get the feel of it. I have a level 50 Stone Arrow (Yrkjan), animal husbandry (I think) that I have to figure out how to get "active" again.

    I'd like to find a guild that's active and can help someone reacquaint with the game and relearn all the ins and outs.

    Would love connect with an open guild.

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    Knights Radiance; Emesria is a awesome GM, and is currently friendliest "new" player guild. They will be back around and up and running after the merger.

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