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    Introducing Community Representative Taylor "Nomis" Blomgren

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Taylor ďNomisĒ Blomgren. Iíve just joined the Community Team as a Community Representative after nearly two years working on the Customer Service team, helping solve issues and answer questions as a GM.

    Iíve been a gamer as long as I can remember, dating back to playing games like Diddy Kong Racing and Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. for the Nintendo 64. But my big debut into the MMORPG scene was when a friend in middle-school recommended I pick up Dark Age of Camelot. From there, I diverged into some of the more beloved mainstream MMOs that are still popular today.

    Iíve always had an affinity for MMOs because of the social interactions involved. As such, I am very excited to be part of a team that focuses on them!

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    Good Luck!

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    Do you actually play the game? I sure hope so. The faithful group of players that have played since launch, myself included, need GM's and CM's who are in tune with what the player base needs. I play in one of the most active guilds in the game <Tractor Team Six> from Ollo, Kyrios, and now Nui fresh start. Some of the concerns we have been discussing in our teamspeak include bringing back 5v5 arenas, allowing groups to queue arena as a party, better arena matchmaking systems, better monitoring from GM's on people queuing up their alts in arena and climbing leaderboards with perfect arena records, more in game events, similar to the Rum-Runner event from Legacy, which was a huge hit with players. Give pirates their own day to tackle the kraken uncontested. Stop penalizing players for choosing a life of piracy, make it something to aspire to, since this is a PVP game, not a carebear game. I know big changes to pirate are coming. I hope they are good ones. Make running packs on the ocean more valuable, since the risk is much higher. Bringing more players to the ocean will bring more players wanting to pirate and increase naval pvp. Botters have been running rampant in game since the hiram system was introduced. We are very happy you introduced a non-pay to win way to get gear. Archeage needed hiram when obsidian was released 2 years ago. Sadly by now most of the player base has left due to the pay to win. I hope the new gear will bring players to the game and keep them since gear is obtainable. The gear gaps are closing and things are moving in the right direction. Nerf zeal from songcraft slightly as well as dissonance/sonic wave, healing hymn. If you don't run songs in the new meta your class is busted. Hopefully the new skill tree will balance the scales a bit. The shift in personnel supporting the game seems very needed, and can rejuvenate the game if handled correctly. Advertise, get the word about the game out and bring players to fresh start. Market heavier and draw in the younger crowd getting bored of the battle royale shooters, and bring them back to anew and rejuvenated MMO. Thanks for hopefully reading and listening

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    a Dark Age of Camelot player allways welcome there

    i just hope you at least play this game

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    wonders if with server reduction more active GM's in game i think since i have played alpha to present seem a "GM" less than 10 times......

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    Um... OK. No offense, but where's Celestrata?

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    Celestrata was "released" from service.
    Kittyrage(formerly Rageintails(Hanure)/Rageinsleeves(Salphira)/Rageindeucedsleeves(Ollo)/Purinrage(Conviction))
    <The Guardian Angels>

    I like to experiment

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