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Thread: Ideas to bring in new, returning and sustained Patrons to Archeage

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    Ideas to bring in new, returning and sustained Patrons to Archeage

    I'll start off with a suggestion. New suggestions can be posted but let's not discuss them on the main thread to keep it less convoluted for Archeage staff, as well as new posters to see which ideas have been submitted. Thank you!

    Archeage has tried various things already such as updates, expansions, etc. But let's be honest, the platform Archeage and other Trionworlds games are aimed towards is a jungle of options, competition to which makes it all too easy to lose player base. It is a great game, but players migrate with the new. That's natural. The idea is not to outdo the competition when it is so infinitely vast, especially with the current resources Archeage has left to work with. We have a great game already, so my suggestion is to focus our current resources on finding a new niche platform that is very rarely catered to. Other than SteamOS, most all games and developers are focused on windows. The amount of effort or resources spent on new patches and expansions and content to an overshadowed market could be diverted to making Archeage, and maybe all Trionworlds games to run native on a major Linux distribution.. That would for sure give archeage a distinct, and almost unique advantage over many, many other MMOs. I say that is the best option for new players because once its native, it could be be added and seen on so many fresh installs of Linux through various built-in package managers under the games section, whose listings are really limited and boring on most distros, which would make Archeage shiney and distinctive again to new and old players alike.. I sincerely hope this is considered viable and urgent.

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    Umm, bring in someone who knows how to kill p2w once it has got this bad.. And bring back the old archeage, before the gear grinds, and money grabs,. Otherwise we may as well say a prayer and bury it now.

    Alah Akbar

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