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Thread: @Brasse , Were gold crates removed or % twicked for event?

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    @Brasse , Were gold crates removed or % twicked for event?

    30 boss attempts
    not a single gold crate

    could be the most horrible RNG strike in the history
    but more likely that you guys changed something and didn't put it in the patchnotes...

    will test hiram drop rates later today, to spot droprate changes

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    For the most part Trion do not do patch notes they expect other places like omnom to post the patch information for them.

    In one of the patch notes on omnom it did indeed say the shadow bosses will not drop the gold crates anymore they where being moved to bosses like glen and menia in auroria, Copper crates are from the shadow bosses now and last the silver crates from 2 star mobs and above in auroria.

    hiram seems to drop best for people who are able to kill fast and takes far longer for people who do not on top of the already big joke called RNG.

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    gold crates are still there, got 10 crates today, usually its very low compared to this

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    raid lootdroprate is not the same as individual drop rate. was everyone in raid using loot pots?

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