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    [Official] Livestream 09/28 Question Thread!

    Khrolan and Socke return to talk about Obsidian, Tradepacks and Evolution Compensation!

    It's going to be another info-packed stream for all interested in what's going on with ArcheAge - and make sure you tune in, because Khrolan has something up his sleeve again for you to claim, for FREE, in game. We'll explain on the stream!

    Brasse is here to collect up your questions on our three topics on this forum thread - Obsidian, Tradepacks and Evolution Compensation - write fast, we need to close the thread on Thursday afternoon to get as many questions in to Dev as possible.

    Last week's Hiram stream was so busy that the team rounded up chat questions that we didn't quite get to, and posted answers to them in this thread!

    ArcheAge Livestream

    Fridays at 1:30 PM PDT (20:30 UTC)

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    Will the pack rates still reset based on truning in the 90 packs required to "generate" (lower the cost of) overseas cargo?

    If yes, does turning in the 90 packs at Villa or Yny (sorry west I don't know your stuff) also reset and lower the cargo price in Solis since that's going to be the only cargo purchasing location?

    Off topic question don't hate me: Will there ever be a 10m/s pangolin mount?

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    1. Are you ok with the plan of Xlgame to discontinue the Obsidian?

    2. The skill Turbulence" of the "Bonekraal Figurehead" & "Goddess Nui Figurehead" says
    Knocks down all enemy gliders for 2 minutes within a 50m radius.
    Why are dragons affected by this skill?

    3. Regarding the compensation, what minimum level must players be to get it? More specifically, is a level 30 player at the same compensation as a level 55 player?

    4. I repeat myself again, but knowing that there will be only two servers (legacy) after merge, are you going to increase the drops or the number of monsters that spawn?

    5. With this update, the sea tradepack (Intercontinental pack?) will be back, where our oceans will still be as dead?

    6. You may have seen this document :

    Soon obisidian equipment will be exchangeable vs Erenor/hiram EXP.
    Are you going to change the rate that obsidian equipment gives at the moment in Korean when this change comes to us? If so, do you expect to improve or decrease it?

    7. Off-topic question : Are we going to have a halloween event?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

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    Since obsidian gear is going away could we get t4(or t7 to some) cloth,leather,plate costumes?

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    Speciality packs are going to have their price adjusted? I.E. will the outlet pay more gold for them?

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    Please can you talk to XL and ask for more regular Events. I need my House decor

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    The Flamedancer mount ( required in the incoming Mounts Collection achievements to get the new Andelph Drakora, was never released in the game before. (it looks like the Stormrose we can get with Login Badges but it's another mount).
    Flamedancer is not available for crafting with manastorm crystals so is there a plan to release it in any other way ? (RNG crate, loyalties, login badge, new pack sold for 5.0) ?

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    Hi, sorry for off topic questions, but i didn't hear them mentioned last week during the hiram discussion.

    Might be silly, but will the West Hiram Mountain area infusions work for upgrading lower tier or do they only apply to tier 3?

    Will Hiram gear get a full-set buff?

    Thanks guys!

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    I want to upgrade my T3 Legendary Obsidian Nodachi to T4 once 5.0 releases, because we all predict charcoal will drop to 1.5-2g/ea. I have all the other materials. I've just been waiting to buy the charcoal. How much time will there be between 5.0 and 5.1, when obsidian discontinues. Also, if we have the obsidian gear already, we will still be able to use it right?

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    With inland packs being discontinued, what will happen to fruit? Fruit is a big part of the game, and tress are a big part of the game. They've become less useful over time with the discontinuation of jujube drinks, and in lowering the fruit requirement on packs from 50 to 5 fruit per pack. Inland packs are the only use for fruit, as well as ground grain, chopped produce, etc. What are you planning on doing with these items? Please tell me you're not deleting all of them. I grew a forest of 20k fruit tress on Ollo, that covered half of Solzreed for 8 months. I have 500k fruit in boxes. It took 60+hrs/wk for 8 months. Here's the video of the forest.

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