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    [Official] Livestream 10/05 Question Thread!

    Malediction skills, Ancestral Skill Cap increase and more on 5.0!
    Bring your questions for Khrolan and Socke!

    Yet another info-packed stream for all interested in what's going on with ArcheAge.

    Brasse will collect up your questions on our three topics Thursday afternoon to get as many questions in to Dev as possible. Post your queries now, right here!

    (In case you missed it, Evolution Compensation has been posted to the Evo FAQ!)

    Make sure you tune in, because once more, Khrolan has something up his sleeve again for you to claim, for FREE, in game.

    We'll explain on the stream!

    ArcheAge Livestream
    Fridays at 1:30 PM PDT (20:30 UTC)

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    Will we be able to reseal T7 weapons and armor post patch? Quickly showing this part on stream with a t7 item would be greatly appreciated!

    Follow up question, will we be able to unseal presealed T7 items? (Example if I have a cloaked mythic t7 shortspear, will I be able to choose a path for that once the patch hits?)

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    What happens with the Old:

    Resplendent Armor Temper ( and the lower grades)
    Resplendent Weapon Temper(and the lower grades)
    Will freshstart also get Level 34 ancestral or max lvl 7?

    Does Freshstart also get a compensation for server downtime, when legacy gonna merge/evolution

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    Can you tell us more about the changes to erenor fodder exp values from different equipment slots when synthesizing erenor equips?

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    Can you make the Frost Dragon and Typhoon Drake 2 seater mounts?

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    Will there be an Account Warehouse for bound items to be moved between characters on the same account?
    Just a lady passing through.

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    will have some change in taxes properties?

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    Will Lord's coins still be needed to refresh the small wyvern mounts?

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    what are the new 45 classes that you can make with the new skill set and will they be viable. Will there be a balance so classes will begin being varied?

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    will there be more ways to get manastorm crystals besides from gold crates? i really want that Andelph Drakora mount i really love mounts and have a big collection, if gold crates were the only way to get manastorm crystals needed to get the rest of the mounts for the achievement that would suck and take forever T^T

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