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Thread: End of the World Concert

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    End of the World Concert

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    Please post in nation to remind people too! On all factions! I will try to be there, it depends when I get back from visiting my Mom on Sunday.

    I remember the last merge and the big party, Ashrahm was kind enough to take pics and video and what not <3 I hope this one is just as awesome if not better!
    Charleene - East
    <Power of Greyskull>

    Carlee - West

    Ceceelia - Pirate
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    Here's the info in a slightly more accessible format.

    End of the World Concert
    Sunday, September 30
    7pm Pacific ~ 8pm Mountain ~ 9pm Central ~ 10pm Eastern
    Just northwest of Ahnimar Community Center

    Claw to earth, blood to water, fang to wind, heart to Tahyang.

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    Thanks for fixing that for me Moon <3

    Yes, it will be announced in nation and in discords as all our events are.
    It will also be live streamed as far as I know.
    West, East, Pirates...all are welcome!

    Hope to see many there and let's put our differences aside and enjoy the night with music and fun.

    ~Emberly {Co-Leader of Odyssey}

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