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Thread: Phoenix Regalia costume and messed up hairs

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    Phoenix Regalia costume and messed up hairs

    For quite some time the Phoenix Regalia has had an issue with almost all of the female hairs, I play as a female Harani and I'm unsure if all races or male characters are effected by this issue as well.

    Images can be found in this Imgur post HERE

    I didnt include all the hairs though all of them are either flattened, missing strands of hair, texture is wrong or the mesh itself is messed up and pushed into the characters head.

    I love the freedom of ArcheAge character creation but all the hairs in the character creation selection need to be reviewed and fixed to be suitable for the Phoenix Regalia.

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    (EXTRA NOTE) I urge people with Phoenix Regalia costumes of other race and gender combos to check if the issue is across all characters or specific to female harani and reply to this thread.

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    my warborn female looks like a burn victim with that costume Q.Q

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    please provide screenshots if you are able to, it will help a lot to try and get the point across that it need to be fixed to devs if they even decide to read this thread

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    I really dislike this costume now...It never used to put my hair up into a bun before, now I cannot wear it anymore, which is a shame because this was a featured item in the $150 pack. I am a female firran.

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    bump (sorry if bumping is annoying i just want an employee to acknowledge this matter and please if your character is effected provide some screenshots it may help)

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