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    when do we get library armor? x)

    i mean removing obsidian without giving library armor sounds a bit wrong
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    Since Abyssal skills are being moved to Malediction, what kind of compensation will there be for those who invested in them pre-patch? (If it's Specialization Snowflakes, can they be changed to something else because they have very limited use in the game)

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    Question about awakening Hiram T2 -> T3.
    Maxed out Hiram T2 (Radiant) divine has 7 gem slots. With awakening it will drop back to I think unique grade. Does that mean it will lose 1 slot? What will happen with the gems that are already in?
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    Will the honor shop and arena shop change in 5.0 patch ?

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    The auto loot powerstone is of course made for powerstone pets, but the ebonfur and crater cubs are pets with the intention of being larceny focused even before the introduction of powerstone pets. Since they're not considered powerstone pets they won't be able to equip the new auto loot stone. Can they be recommended to be changed so that they are able to equip the auto loot powerstone?

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    Will we be getting 5.1 ancestral skills along with 5.0 ? Preferably endless arrow ancestral would make my life alot easier so i don't lose dps because i have bad ping. Also any chance of a skill queue coming back ? or maybe just change skills to be less dependent on ping ? Endless Arrows at 150ms is like 1 arrow every year.

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    are we getting the Library dungeon gear with 5.0
    if so:
    at what grade will gear items drop from the library dungeons?
    will gear drop every time from each kill like other dungeon bosses or is the drop rate purely RNG?
    are they able to be regraded by synthesis and able to be fed other greater dungeon items or regraded by standard regrades?

    will anything be done to ensure players don't alt bomb the new cargo system and force others to pay at a higher price for basic resources?
    will there be anything in place to stop players lining up a blockade of warships along the middle of the ocean ports and blocking anyone from taking cargo across for extended periods of time?

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    Will 5 weeks bound taxes be refunded? (There actually wasn't last time)
    Any high tax policy adjustment in 5.0?

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    Are there Any exploration points coming out in 5.0. Hiram Mountains was mentioned as not recieving any, but what about Aegis and Whalesong? Why arent exploration points being included with new areas?
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    Could you showcase the skills from malediction on stream preferably with tool tips and with the rising hatred combos? It would be nice to see how the abyssal skills have been adjusted to fit into a normal skill tree. Also like someone else also asked are we getting the ancestral skills for mobility skills this patch(Free runner, Mirror warp etc)?

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